The iSculpture Gallery is proud to inform you about an exciting workshop of photography and art around Siena and Casole d’Elsa!

Fotografe Arte Casole d'Elsa isculpture July, 22 -25
PICTURES ART IN CASOLE D’ELSA: 3 Days of theoretical and practical course on Photography of artworks with Photographer Roberto Gabriele, under the patronage of the municipality of Casole d’Elsa. This course is developed, in collaboration with the Museum of Casole d’Elsa, to give students the opportunity to learn photography techniques necessary to obtain excellent results with difficult subjects such as paintings, sculptures, installations, interiors (Certainly, we will do it!).

Siena fotografia isculpture arteJuly,  25-27 
SIENA URBAN VISION: 3 Days on urban Photography with Antonio D‘Onofrio, Simona Ottolenghi and Roberto  Gabriele. The goal of “Siena Urban Vision” is to guide the participants to develop a personal plan of exploration and narration of of the city from their own experience.

If you are interested in, please take a look here for all the informationor feel free to contact the photographer Roberto Gabriele


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