Meet Art – Feed Art

  meet art my tuscany experienceArte a Colori Gallery and iSculpture Gallery are pleased to inform you about their new exciting project Meet Art, in collaboration with My Tuscany Experience.
The centres of excellence located in the territory are a huge advantage in terms of tourist appeal and attract every year a growing number of visitors. The Valdelsa project is part of an initiative for the development of sustainable tourism promoted by the Regione Toscana with Hotel Bel Soggiorno, Hotel Sovestro, Relais della Rovere and Hotel Villa San Lucchese.

meet art my tuscany experienceTake the chance to experience the results of the “Project Val d’Elsa – Enhancement of Places of Excellence and Knowledge”,which has the objective to strengthening the tourism offer of the Elsa Valley with new experience packages.  This is the context of the project Meet Art, coordinated by Francesca Maria Sensi, whose leitmotif is the Italian language as experience and its visual and verbal vocabulary. Every Friday there will be an aperitif with the Artist” at one of the facilities participating in the project. The artist, in front of his work, will explain all sources of the emotional idea that becomes a work of art, creating a language exchange with guests about the subjects, materials, and the world of art and craft… And other seeds for the future of the project!

For more information, feel free to contact Mrs. Sensi at 


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